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I Will Never Leave You by Joy Collins

I Will Never Leave You
by Joy Collins

Joy Collins is the gentle guide who has walked this journey of soul mate loss. Her clear message is hope, for she has discovered the reality of a love and life with a soulmate after death. She shares the deep soulmate relationship she had with her husband John and how his untimely death put that relationship to the ultimate test. Learn how this book can help you experience a connection and a communication you thought you had lost forever. In many ways, this is also a metaphysical how-to manual and Joy adds, ..". communication with loved ones who have passed is not only possible but practical and happening all the time if we but know how to receive the messages."

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Second Chance by Joy Collins

Second Chance
by Joy Collins

Sara Weber doesn't think her marriage is going to survive. A tragic accident brings her husband's ex-wife back into their lives and the revelation of a longstanding family secret threatens to rip her world apart.

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Coming Together by Joy Collins and Joyce Norman

Coming Together
by Joy Collins and Joyce Norman

Coming Together is a love story. A story of foreign intrigue. A story of the coming together of cultures, of passion, and, most of all, of unbelievable hope in the face of staggering odds. This is also a story of choices, hard choices, where life and death are constant reminders of making the wrong decisions. Lives are at stake when Daisy, Luis, and Isabella take on the Brazilian dictatorship in order to bring freedom and a future to those who matter most. It was written for the heart and spirit in all of us. You will not soon forget this book.

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About Author Joy Collins

Author Joy CollinsI knew I wanted to be a writer as soon as I learned what a book was. Getting a library card, for me, was as exciting as going to Disneyland - maybe better. Reading was fun but then I discovered writing! Ah, that was where the magic happened. Creating my own world and having total control over it - it was the stuff any shy awkward little kid dreamed of. In grammar school, I wrote stories about kittens and puppies. In high school, I wrote about unrequited love. With a fellow classmate, I rewrote Pride and Prejudice as a stage play and even talked one of the nuns into letting us perform it for our class.
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